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Hello, i’m Eileen Teo. Welcome to my playground

With 20 years of experience in content strategy and UI/UX design, I am a highly self-motivated individual. In my previous role as a Producer / Digital Content Manager, I played a pivotal role in the content strategy for the successful revamp of Disney Southeast Asia websites across multiple countries. Additionally, as a product specialist for a proprietary content management system developed by Disney, I provided guidance to various lines of business on maximizing their investments in the platform, leading to business growth.

Throughout my nearly 10-year tenure at The Walt Disney Company, I had the privilege of curating and presenting branded products for globally recognized brands including Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, 20th Century Studios, and National Geographic. In addition to my content strategy responsibilities, I held significant leadership roles within the company. This involves working closely with an Assistant Producer based in Thailand, where we coordinated with various teams and interns. Additionally, I participated in a 1-year mentorship program, offering invaluable guidance and support to a fellow Disney cast member in Shanghai.

I have gained valuable experience across various industries, including creative agencies, education, and entertainment. This diverse background has exposed me to a wide range of organisational workflows and stakeholders throughout my professional journey. Independently, I have successfully managed multiple clients, ranging from entrepreneurs to product owners. Taking on projects of this nature requires me to leverage all aspects of my skill set, encompassing business acumen, creativity, and project management. I work closely with technical teams to ensure the seamless execution of a project’s entire life cycle, starting from ground zero and culminating in the launch of fully functional websites.

Disney Southeast Asia
Disney Southeast Asia

This is an example of Disney SEA website. I manage the content for Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. As a product specialist for Disney’s Matterhorn CMS, I guided Disney Studio, Disney+, shopDisney, Disney Parks, and Disney Channel, to understand their requirements and recommend platform tools to meet their specific business needs in SEA.

shopDisney feature<br>on Disney SG & MY
shopDisney feature
on Disney SG & MY

I initiated a feature on the Disney Singapore and Malaysia websites to highlight shopDisney products and categories under a dedicated “SHOP” section. This strategic initiative aimed to drive traffic to shopDisney and proved to be highly successful. The websites achieved remarkable conversion rates, surpassing even the results generated by their own social media campaigns.

Editorial Voices:<br>Oh My Disney on Disney SEA
Editorial Voices:
Oh My Disney on Disney SEA

Within the Disney SEA websites, we have a dedicated editorial section called “Oh My Disney.” This section showcases articles and advertorials that revolve around the latest events, products, and movie releases. The content is divided into three voices: Oh My Disney, Disney Family, and Disney Style, depending on the nature of the article. This initiative is exclusive to Southeast Asia and aims to leverage these voices to drive traffic to the websites and keep them up-to-date. Our team creates all content from scratch, handling everything from ideation to execution.

Video & Mobile Backgrounds
Video & Mobile Backgrounds

As part of our movie release campaigns, we follow the style guide provided by the USA team and create downloadable content specifically tailored to each film. An example of this is the campaign we executed for Avatar: The Way of Water release. We developed downloadables that align with the movie’s style guide, allowing fans to engage with and enjoy the content associated with the film.

EDM Campaigns
EDM Campaigns

Utilizing the Emarsys EDM system, I strategize and execute targeted email campaigns in collaboration with various lines of business to promote Disney products, movies, events, and more to our subscriber base. Through the implementation of effective CRM initiatives, we achieved remarkable growth, expanding our opt-in subscriber database from 700K to 2.1 million sign-ups over a span of 5 years. Here is an example of an EDM showcasing the design and content of our email campaigns.

Rockz Consulting
Rockz Consulting

I undertook a freelance project for Rockz Consulting, where I was responsible for designing the logo, planning the layout and navigation, and providing assistance in content direction for the company. My role involved creating a visually appealing logo, organizing the website’s structure and user-friendly navigation, and offering guidance on content development.

The Sunday Studio
The Sunday Studio

Fifteen years ago, I established The Sunday Studio as a freelance company specializing in web development and SEO services.

Starcade:<br>Disney Contest Platform
Disney Contest Platform

Collaborating with Disney’s developer, I played a key role in an initiative aimed at expanding Disney’s user database. Together, we conceptualized and created a contest platform called Starcade, which was developed from scratch. This platform enabled users to participate in contests after creating a Disney account. Throughout the process, we obtained approval from Disney global for the product’s implementation in the Southeast Asia region. The innovative and successful implementation of Starcade resulted in a substantial increase in the user database, with sign-ups growing from 700K to 2.1 million over a period of five years.

Navigation Plan Example:<br>Marvel Virtual Hub
Navigation Plan Example:
Marvel Virtual Hub

Here is an example of a navigation plan for a campaign involving the creation of a microsite. This specific example focuses on the launch of the Marvel Content Hub within the Disney.xx microsite and the planning of various content types within it.

Wireframe Example: <br>Revamp of Disney.xx
Wireframe Example:
Revamp of Disney.xx

Here is an example of a wireframe developed during the planning phase of a project. This specific example illustrates the layout and structure of the content types on both the homepage and subpages of Disney.xx. The wireframe serves as a visual representation of how the content will be organized and presented within the website.

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